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GORGO (1961)

another trailer.


by Romeo2000

submitted August 29th 2009

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not muchoworthy
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good flick i have it on vhs
9 years ago
Try and find the DVD. It's tough to find but well worth it.
And again, is this Mucho material, even as cool as it is?
9 years ago
Gorgo was a bad motherfucker.
9 years ago
nah this isnt mucho material, its dumb to post all the obscure movie trailers out there.
9 years ago
wow, mikebeez, master of all things mucho,
if yak feels like putting it up,
its mucho material, dig?
9 years ago
He MAY have been trying to be sarcastic...
But your point about the trailers passing the "Yak Test" is well taken.
9 years ago
steven please dont talk about mucho material when you have only submitted 4 things. im just saying i get on mucho to see fucked up shit and i dont think this is fucked up enough. wham bam
9 years ago
what have my submissons got to do with anything? i was just pointing out that,
if its good enough for yak to put up,
it should be good enough for you. after all
he's the guy who deems stuff "mucho worthy"
or not, not you!
9 years ago
lets put it like this, i have submitted a few videos in my day and im pretty sure they have all been posted. i would never post this mediocre trailer. im surprised it did get posted and oh god look at the comments its racking up. so you are saying this was hella interesting and awesome? i know it just blew my fucking mind. hey im just gonna start posting trailers from now on, tomorrow is Home Alone and then in a few days i might post a Lord Of The Rings!! fuck you admit this a dumb thing to submit you fag.
9 years ago
actually i'd love to see the home alone trailer, and of todays posts (videos) this one takes at this moment -9:15 cest- third place commentwise, so hum!
and i enjoyed it very much, so what gives?
9 years ago
ps reply fail.
9 years ago
and what an epic one!!
9 years ago
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