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Toad In Shirt

Fucking Slo-Mo Nearly Made Me Piss Myself!


by troutpotato

submitted August 27th 2009

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The slo-mo sounds like whale calls.
9 years ago
I felt they sounded more like effects from jurassic park. *ques music* dah dah dah dahhh dah dah dun do dah dun dah, dun duh dun dah dun dun daaaaaah,
9 years ago
as much as I hate this couple...Id ,like to spend the weekend at there place...mostly to check that chickass, but Im sure it would be fun too
9 years ago
why do you hate this couple?
9 years ago
their other vids are funnier. I like the cinnamon and taser ones
9 years ago
A better prank would have been me running in naked, grabbing her by the neck with one hand, and jacking off onto her tits.
9 years ago
wheres the taser one?
9 years ago
i like the way her legs automatically open when her top's pulled down
9 years ago
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