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The Final Countdown

Condalisa never looked better.


by TheFlork

submitted August 27th 2009

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this was awsome
8 years ago
8 years ago
Dick Chaney rocking out on the flying V FTW
8 years ago
Well made, and extremely strange. This is the kind of vid that's gonna stick in my head for days afterward.
8 years ago
why does condi keep switching instruments
8 years ago
Thats really none of your business.
8 years ago
nice trailer, anybody know the release date and system requirements for this game? looks like fun....
8 years ago
No matter how bad ass of a position you put Bush in he always looks like a lost confused child.
8 years ago
abso fucking lutely!
8 years ago
get the flork outta here!
8 years ago
That actually rocked. Fucking asians finally did something right.
8 years ago
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