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your spoken word session sucks!


by suprmidget

submitted August 26th 2009

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not muchoworthymakodragon
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is he jacking off?
9 years ago
that looks like you! are you jerking off ya frikkin jerkoff?
9 years ago
What do you look like, Steve? Like a guy with cock in his ass 10 hours a day? Like a guy that swallows cum like it's water?

Fuck you, shit-for-brains, sword swallower.
9 years ago
Sword swallow is quite an impressive skill
9 years ago
she's eating a fish, and he's jerking off. what's the problem?
9 years ago
Do you think he brought his own chair?
9 years ago
That bitch has a big ass.
9 years ago
Enough about him, look at the girl in red.
9 years ago
mans just looking for his lunch
9 years ago
the weird thing is not the fat guy jerking off...its the others not caring about the fat guy jacking off.
Must be americans...my ass would get thrown in prison for even scratching my balls in public
9 years ago
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