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I don't know what the fuck she's supposed to be. But, hot none the less.


by NixonsGhost

submitted August 23rd 2009

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not muchoworthyMako
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I bet thats a dude.
9 years ago
I'd still fuck it.
9 years ago
No, wait...
9 years ago
given the total lack of tits i wouldn't be surprised
9 years ago
So blizzard announced and released a trailer of the newest expansion cataclysm where they re create the entire world, add new races, more abilities, more shit to buy etc etc.. how does no one else see the deteriorating subscription fees and the death of one of the worst MMO's ever. WoW needs to go down the toilet fully so blizzard and put it's efforts back into projects like Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3.

Whose playing Aion in the next few weeks? Lets start a guild called Korean Madness!!
9 years ago
9 years ago
i dont get it
9 years ago
I got to "bliz" then started back in at "Korean Madness". I think the post was about ladyboys.
9 years ago
Just like pussy, huh?
9 years ago
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