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Cunt punt balloon fun


The title says it all


by Heybooger

submitted August 21st 2009

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Gotta love rednecks.
9 years ago
this is what you get when you try to save money on a bachelor party
9 years ago
It's science.
9 years ago
I was sure this was gonna be the PORNOTUBE5000 link.
9 years ago
me too actually
9 years ago
9 years ago
It's the sequel. They use a kid dressed as a raccoon instead of a rabbit and they have increased the use of inbred retarded mongoloids. oh...Chloë Sevigny makes a cameo appearance at the end!
9 years ago
I'm just glad to see a healthy activity with a clearly beneficial purpose.
9 years ago
This reminds me of high school where there was that unpopular kid that let you beat on him and did stupid shit just so he could hang out with you and your friends.
9 years ago
It's better than sitting in front of the computer all day.
9 years ago
The kicker does have quite a nice ass though
9 years ago
They are attempting an ancient form of abortion through means of an air embolism. The idea is to kick the balloon thus forcing air into the vaginal opening causing a reverse queef effect. In theory this will then displace the amniotic fluid in the womb and the fetus will then be suspended in air and once enough fluid is displaced the air pressure continues to build up until the fetus basically rocket propels itself out of the vagina. True story.
9 years ago
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