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Knocked the fuck out....

Goodnight son


by hiboost

submitted August 16th 2009

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why do people volunteer for this shit? did that dude actually think that getting cold clocked would be fun? maybe its just me but there aint a damn thing thats gonna get me to just stand there and let someone punch me in the face
9 years ago
cmon, i'll give you a cookie
9 years ago
Ill give you some Advil after you get it...that's just the type of guy I am....Im sure alot of booze/drugs make these assholes do this type of shit....the only thing good that came out of this was the video...
9 years ago
42Adams always there to question logic.
9 years ago
Ok 42, maybe not a punch in the face but how about a fist in the ass.
9 years ago
no, thats for felcher
9 years ago
Or maybe heres there to create logic, how can you call the events you saw on this video logic?
9 years ago
This is what welfare recipients who can't read do for fun.
9 years ago
He didn't get knocked out he just got worn out from all that standing and wanted to lay down and think about how hard it must be to have a job.
9 years ago
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