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Animated Acid Trip

Talking shit to his visuals.


by Alec13

submitted August 15th 2009

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Does anyone remember that animated movie on here that had those creatures who had to wear happiness goggles or some shit because their world was so gray and boring. The main character was the boss who manufactured the first set but when it goes famous he becomes a tyrant and shit and stops this new guy from making better ones and shitttttttttttttttttttttt
9 years ago
yup i remember it.
9 years ago
its called "more"
its actually one of my vidmarks you can watch it here on my profile:
9 years ago
Sweet yak...the dude in More looks like he could be a guest in a tool video!
9 years ago
I like this lizard...I could watch a whole movie with this little fucker in...
9 years ago
needs more LITE-BRITE
9 years ago
<drumrave> ok I'm sitting at one end of the deck facing towards the yard with my back to the other side
<Phelsu> awesome
<drumrave> and my cat is sitting next to me on another chair
<Phelsu> I'm sitting on a chair too
<Phelsu> it's great
<drumrave> and it gets up and runs towards my back and I look back and all I see is the striped tail
<Phelsu> eat it
<drumrave> and then it runs under the deck and comes out the other side right by me
<Phelsu> nice, nice.
<drumrave> and then it's no more then 3 feet away
<Phelsu> go on
<drumrave> and it turns around and looks at me
<Phelsu> whats happening now
<Phelsu> omg whats happening
<drumrave> so I start making a noise that I think a raccoon might make
<Phelsu> nooo dude you didnt
<drumrave> and then it goes to the fence way away from me and runs off like a little scared bitch
<Phelsu> fucking bitch
<drumrave> and now it's gone
9 years ago
i love twitter
9 years ago
i love phelsu
8 years ago
...I only watched about 15 seconds of this video, but I can already tell it's crap.

You suck, Alec.
9 years ago
9 years ago
With just the vocal track it is actually mildly entertaining, just knowing it is a giant acid rant. But it is old as shit....
9 years ago
Yeah it's best to just listen to the sound track.
9 years ago
wow this is so late my ball hairs are already grey..........or gray?
9 years ago
I want my 2 minutes and 44 seconds back.
9 years ago
He used Poser to do this, it's a great 3D app except when people use it to do stupid shit like this.
9 years ago
Not my chair not my problem, that's what I say.
9 years ago
I love sea horses, and I love lookin at'em. And I love seashells. I love seashell things. I love things with seashells and seahorses on'em, like blankets, and towels, and little bags.
9 years ago
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