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I see your seal and raise you 250.

Dik, your seal is a pussy.


by JamesTKirk

submitted August 14th 2009

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I see your seal and raise you 250.
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9 years ago
I blew a seal once, it was on a 1986 Dodge pickup...I also gave a sea lion a blowjob once, but it was on a bet!
9 years ago
punch line: penguin says
"no no - that's just ice cream"

9 years ago
Classic joke...funny every time you hear it!
9 years ago
Looks like batting practice for the Red Sox
9 years ago
wtf is up with all the San Francisco pics? Assclown just take a vacation? Should have told me...I could have come on down with an 8 ball, get wasted and hire a street performer to rape you while we took pics.

fuk...where did this hostility come from. Fuck you whunu
9 years ago
Come down from where? Petaluma?

You don't know shit about San Francisco.
9 years ago
I'll club a seal to make a better deal.
9 years ago
Fuck, that's dinner for a year.
9 years ago
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