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Python eats bird alive

Cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep chee....


by Theck4

submitted August 8th 2009

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not muchoworthyjrob2020
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i prefer to think inexpensive or highly discounted but not cheep
9 years ago
9 years ago
Yes, you are.
9 years ago
ahh the circle of life, aint it beautiful? i want to show this video to PETA members while eating a bucket of fried chicken
9 years ago
And wearing a fur coat over a leather jacket?
9 years ago
with baby seal shoes
9 years ago
May I also suggest a beaver fur hat?
9 years ago
...while being treated with animal-tested vaccinations?
8 years ago
Why did that bird have a rat looking tail at the beginning?
9 years ago
It had a gerbil in it's ass.
9 years ago
Fucking awesome.
9 years ago
damn thats bad ass
9 years ago
nature at its best. kinda feel bad for the bird. and what is with the tail coming out of the snakes mouth.
9 years ago
Pirahna's are better. They just fuck shit up.
9 years ago
That bird could have made it but he didn't give 110%
9 years ago
Yeah he was basically being a little bitch. Fucker deserved it.
9 years ago
thats nutty
9 years ago
6 years ago
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