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cobra vs lion ..remember

jizz shot to the mouthafukin face... get some..get some..Fuk it im out. subtitles didint work so i put them on the description.. yea its mature.


by fukUgoodNight

submitted August 6th 2009

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i love sprayin my king cobra all over some pussy
9 years ago
I see what you did there.
9 years ago
9 years ago
that squirt was real.
9 years ago
This seemed completely unwarranted. Last I recall, lions don't eat snakes, and male lions don't hunt. That cobra was a fucking dick.
9 years ago
that squirted all over the pussy blah blah blah that joke was done already in the first post
9 years ago
...No, I'm pretty sure he was just commenting that the cobra did it for no reason, and was therefore a dick.

However, all lions hunt. Females tend to hunt more than males.
9 years ago
Well, cdbsr00 is a fucking tool. No, you retard, I wasn't trying to make a blatant innuendo. Like smerf said, I was talking about how the snake was being a fucking bitch, like you.
9 years ago
i remember when steve irwin was hunting the 10 deadliest snakes in the world and he found a spitting cobra and was wearing these big ass sunglasses to protect him and the thing sprayed right in his fuckin face

then the pussy got kill by a stingray
9 years ago
stingray spines will fuck you up
i was in the bahamas once and we were petting them and the guy with us said it was OK to touch them anywhere BUT NOT WHERE THE SPINES are ! and i was thinking, fuck- is this worth it?
and then i felt one up and yeah, it was worth the risk... *sigh*
9 years ago
bestialty at its best. tell me more...*fap fap fap*
9 years ago
9 years ago
that won't help this snake against lebanese soldiers.
9 years ago
wow, did you see how many cameras it took to get that exchange on tape? very nicely produced.
9 years ago
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