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Sweary Gran

You fucking fuckers


by cheekycov

submitted August 6th 2009

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hahaha. That was great.
8 years ago
this is what i live for.
8 years ago
When old people attack.
8 years ago
I was waiting for her to call him a stupid Nigger. This movie fell short of my expectations. Still worth the 52 seconds.
8 years ago
Calling someone a stupid nigger is redundant. It's like saying you're stupid, stupid black guy.
8 years ago
PUSSYHANDS is black, fact!
8 years ago
And he just keeeeeps going...
8 years ago
I like her. She curses as much as I do
8 years ago
I've got a brand new pc! Yay!
8 years ago
suckin dicks must really be paying off then
8 years ago
and now its two years old maybe older.
6 years ago
Well, it's not how I would have "assisted" her in getting off the bus.
8 years ago
I adore this woman <3
8 years ago
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