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Changing Room BJ


I want to go to this Target


by PyroTrumpet375

submitted July 30th 2009

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Something tells me that this isnt the 1st blowjob she's given.
9 years ago
But...she is really bad at it.
9 years ago
thats the kind i like...she takes her time and uses her hands....its not the best but i wouldn't say she's BAD at it..
9 years ago
She tried to stop the tides with her hand, making her a retard.
9 years ago
I am in full support of using the hands as well, but it is a bj....the mouth should most likely go past the head.
9 years ago
Fucking bullshit typical. When a girl uses her hands, bleh. And when I have to stroke it out at the end, I hope the squirt on her face is a warm goey reminder of the shame she should be feeling, she should be swallowing it, not wiping it off.
9 years ago
You do realize girls that are skilled can still go all the way down and use the hands as she is coming back up right? Not bullshit. And if you have to stroke it out at the end...find a new chick.
9 years ago
I suspect Banks and Pinjas have never gotten a blowjob.

Furthermore, I suspect Typical has given a number of them.
9 years ago
not all clothes stores are targets
9 years ago
Next person to use the room will smell the spunk.
9 years ago
that bra is going in the discount bin
9 years ago
I have a friend who works at Sears and they caught a couple having sex in a changing room. Lose prevention really watches who goes in and out of dressing rooms.

They wouldn't have had enough evidence but the guy blew his load all over the wall...
9 years ago
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