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Asian Teabag


Same slut from last weeks post!


by kushking2012

submitted July 28th 2009

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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I had a problem with this vid. Most of the screen was black all the time.
9 years ago
I don't see color.
9 years ago
i chuckled.
9 years ago
so ona side note. im interviewing for a teaching job.

if i get it im not sure if ill be able to visit mucho as often. you know, gotta set a positive example and all that. also that means no more jail bait haha.
9 years ago
It's not like you have to tell your students that your user name on mucho is morph and give them the web address.
9 years ago
What they don't know won't hurt them.
9 years ago
Jesus H Christ...it scares me that -Morph- may be teaching tomorrows future minds
9 years ago
what subject do you teach morph?
9 years ago
crack rock making
9 years ago
sorry morph
9 years ago
As long as he's not teaching sex-ed...they may be alright
9 years ago
intro to art ofcourse. or maybe the summer art classes.
9 years ago
recover password
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