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Darth MC Hammer

Most awesome MC Hammer video of all time?


by DiMono

submitted July 22nd 2009

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I didn't think you could put two gay things together.
9 years ago
you're gay if you think starwars is gay.
9 years ago
How do you think gay children are made?
9 years ago
Er I don't know if ya missed sex-ed Pudding, but usually through straight sex, the same as all kids.
9 years ago
wow you are fucking gay !
9 years ago
No, you're gay if you think starwars isn't gay. You gay!
9 years ago
.....what? you cant put to gay things together? what the fuck is that supposed to mean? like a gay couple?? or the logo channel??? gay ness in large quantitys..gay thing attract more gayness. like a gay ass magnet..
9 years ago
Like your gay ass and your gay reply button.
9 years ago
Reply Button.
Learn It
Live It
9 years ago
get over yourselves, bitches..all of uz
9 years ago
i hate starwars now.. they ran and raped it soo much that its lost just about all meaning. thank you lucas and spike tv.. oh and Cartoon network.

this still amused me tho
9 years ago
Okay now I wanna see Jabba the Hut on some I like big butts shit.
9 years ago
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