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More women drivers

seriously? how do you fuck up THAT bad?


by Anonymous

submitted July 18th 2009

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so are you sure the female was driving?
9 years ago
Yes it's a RHD car.
9 years ago
a woman drove a weinermobile into a house when she was trying to turn it around
9 years ago
I turned your mom around and drove my wienermobile into her house. -See what I did there?
9 years ago
Hahahahahahaha........boo yah
9 years ago
I submitted a picture of the wienermobile thing.
9 years ago
"they came outta no where!"
9 years ago
That's what I said to my ex girlfriend when I got crabs.....from your sister......but it didn't work that time either.
9 years ago
Africoons trying to master the white man's technology.
9 years ago
people like that should be banned from driving for life. i mean, how hard is it to press a brake pedal, or turn a steering wheel?
9 years ago
I wonder what kind of damage they did to the two other vehicles. That BMW only had a dent in the fender.
9 years ago
This video makes no sense! Everyone knows black people cant afford cars.
8 years ago
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