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...An altogether more inventive porn script.


by sirchris

submitted July 17th 2009

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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I love the script. I have to own this porno.
9 years ago
Yak, is there any way to download this? I'll love you forever.
9 years ago
download firefox, then get the video download helper addon. then get vlc media player so you can watch it
9 years ago
or you could just take the embed: link right above the comments... put it into your url and find the 'watch' url in there.. paste that into your browser and itll give you the url for the flv
9 years ago
I've never tried Download Helper for this site. Doesn't seem to work. It won't start.

As for yak's method, when I paste the part with "watch" into my url, it gives me a Mucho Sucko error. Or I'm doing something wrong.
9 years ago
Tubehunter Ultra, SoThink Web Video Downloader and a lot more out there.
9 years ago
Yak thanks for the java thing i can get on the chat but it when it loads its says error time out or something. Also how can i download these vids in my zune i use zunecaster.cc.co for the you tube links but it wont work for mucho sucko. Thanks Yak for the previous help.
9 years ago
9 years ago
looks like a peta-add. i guess this is what "ethical treatment" looks like. you can still abuse them as long as you talk nice. little piggy even got a medal.
9 years ago