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A Load Of Spanish Bullocks

Run fuckwit run!


by cheekycov

submitted July 16th 2009

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Mess with the bull, you get the horns.
9 years ago
I would like to see one vid where the guy kicks the bulls ass.
9 years ago
Hooray for the bull!
9 years ago
all those assholes deserve to die.
9 years ago
yeah, this is the festival in Pamplona called San Fermin. its' insane. i went once and all week long they party all day, all night. at 8am, they run with the bulls. traditionally they wear white with a red sash and their only defense from the bull is a rolled up newspaper, and their feet which with they run from. I didnt run like most did. i saw it and said, "uh, no gracias" and every year at this time, the 7th to the 14th of july, i sit back and watch the video highlights of who got creamed. I am always in favor of the bull. they put up with so much shit their whole life only to get slaughtered in the ring. it seems only fitting they take some with them on the way...
9 years ago
oh boo hoo you fucking whine ass. say that while eating your shitty hamburger or steak.
9 years ago
i'll never understand these buttholes
9 years ago
it's quite obvious. they do that to entertain us.
9 years ago
No, he means he'll never learn Spanish
9 years ago
This makes so much sense
9 years ago
no blood; no good.
9 years ago
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