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Gina B, Peaches and Kristina


In the kitchen


by Camycazi

submitted July 15th 2009

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not muchoworthysquatface
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First to come, see, and post......not guilty beeeooootch
9 years ago
a first he did post, and the banhammer did cometh. swiftly and without mercy did it smite him for his faggotry
9 years ago
^Righteous win
9 years ago
Very nice, Camy....now, can someone help me with submitting vids? I've tried dozens of times, all fail. Do I need to shrink the resolution, or the time, or what? Got all sorts of fun stuff, just can't get it to the site.
9 years ago
You don't need to change anything as far as I know. Just plug in the url. The videos that I have submitted recently never got posted but one pic did. So I guess I'm in the same boat as you.

yak, you don't take youtube vids or did they just not go through?
9 years ago
oh wow, oh wow, uh huh... aaaaand done, damn the red head got me going
9 years ago
this one is gonna have to go home with me for further examination tonight :)
9 years ago
I didn't know trailers had internet connection.
9 years ago
hey alec! where the fuck you been?

not a trailer and no internet at home, that is why i have to pick out the good ones to take home
9 years ago
I've been being a bum.
Trying to spread my seed as much as possible before i head off to college.
9 years ago
sounds just wonderful, good luck with the whoring around
9 years ago
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