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Bisping's Island

Hahahaha, this one is for the Brits.


by 1rish1

submitted July 14th 2009

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good vid,
9 years ago
I wanna see Bisping fight that Demarques guy from TUF.
9 years ago
Fkn awesome. Bisbing had it coming that fkn prick. The englishmen getting destroyed, hatton and now bisbing.
9 years ago
this is probably the best bash video i've seen. i was stoked to see hendo beat the shit out of him and it made it better to see him knock his ass out.
9 years ago
so Bisping acted a complete cock like his american counter parts and the americas found that irritating ? go suck dicks you pansy-assed yanks , i take it that only americans can act like they own the place then ...
9 years ago
Thats because we won the american revolutionary war. Do you not recall the theme song for Team America?
9 years ago
Everyone has Aids ?
9 years ago
Haha pansy-assed...
9 years ago
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