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There is crying in baseball

lol...what a pussy


by Sporty

submitted July 13th 2009

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I bet he quits after he gets ridiculed by everyone. Including his team.
8 years ago
Rock? Meet bottom.
8 years ago
HAHA....thats classic
8 years ago
Sounded like he was having a jolly ol' time to me.
8 years ago
This is not news. This is a charachter assasination. I didn't see him do anything but get abused by the police. Why were they wearing gloves? Did they expect to make him bleed?

Let's see his crime? I bet most of you faggots would be crying your eyes out for getting a ticket in the subway, no less getting picked up by one limb. Who knows what the cops did to him before this.

8 years ago
He had WMD's in his trunk. I was there when it happened.
8 years ago
well considering his track record steve, the guy never had much character to start with.
8 years ago
wow. suck his dick some more steve, its fucking baseball. the shittiest sport next to football er i mean soccer.
8 years ago
Being picked up from the ground by your arms and legs is abuse? What a pansy.
8 years ago
lol what a bitch
8 years ago
I'd be crying too if they were taking me to jail in the middle of the afternoon and I couldn't drink anymore that night.
8 years ago
It is pretty sad.
8 years ago
they tried to make me goto rehab once
8 years ago
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