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Bring your machete


by JoeGirardi

submitted July 6th 2009

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Okay, you know what? I'm okay with pubic hair. Really. But this is going too far.
9 years ago
Well said, I too am fine with pubes, but ideally
I'd prefer it thinned out a little
9 years ago
9 years ago
Im diggin this music. Just close your eyes and you've got a nice video!
9 years ago
she must get some horrific dingle berries
9 years ago
She needs to trim, then we can talk
9 years ago
No one wants to talk to you anyway.
9 years ago
oh no now i need to go to the burn unit..
Fail try again.
9 years ago
Better call the whaaaambulance..
9 years ago
The Crabs would love it.
9 years ago
The belly button ring was a turn off, plus she needs to tone that ass up before it gets lumpier.
9 years ago
That pussy must get a lot of hairballs.
9 years ago
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