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Another video I made for shits and giggles.


by Pudding

submitted June 29th 2009

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ha the last clip was nice
9 years ago
some of these clips were mucho worthy just by them selves.
9 years ago
Stop, drop, and roll mother fucker!
9 years ago
if by some you mean two then yes. But somebody should make that last clip into a gif
9 years ago
This is one of Mc Chris worst songs
9 years ago
Really? think so? I think think of 10 songs of his worse than this.
9 years ago
i think think so too
9 years ago
Is this MC Chris actually considered an entertainer, or is it just some character played by adam sandler or some fag?
9 years ago
^ not a character.

Fett's Vette and The Tussin'....
9 years ago
The soliloquy at the end sounded like it was done by Brak.
9 years ago
Whoa, really?! I wonder if MC Chris realizes that now! Tool.
9 years ago
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