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sewer pig Tara


We love to do everything to present to our parents how filthy son and daughter they have. What should be better to thanks them for their love then without constraints and decency share everything... Lets everybody knows how fantastic pig fucks me. Pavel licks my cunt now and say that I should write his mother works like doctor at policlinic in Teplice and that he will change his mother for crap whore like me... we love to see his mum totally disgusted and shocked and vomiting from us. And the most important for my father is reputation, so it is fantastic feeling to make hearsay "Do you know that his daughter is disgusting drug addicted crap whore?" I am proud to present especially to him how disgusting swine like Pavel make me hornmad and happy…


by fecalTara

submitted June 29th 2009

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i dont eve plan on touching shit in my life, specially not others
9 years ago
good for you
9 years ago
kill your parents and don't have kids.
9 years ago
the description is wayyyy to fucking long
9 years ago
i think it says tara shits on her father and grosses her mother out, but im not sure
9 years ago
Shitty video...
9 years ago
What the hell happened between 2:31 and 2:32?
9 years ago
ok i'm not entirely sure whats going on. i'm gunna assume its shit everywhere...coupla questions though..
What the hell are you eating?
Why are you shitting in your underwear, over someones foot?
If you want your parents to be disgusted and ashamed how will they know it's you if you dont show your face, drivers licence, birthcertificate and mucho sign?
Why havent you gotten a horrible infection and died yet?
and, what the fuck is wrong with you you horrible horrible whore?
9 years ago
my apoligies for the grammer on the last bit..
9 years ago
noones gonna read that dumbass
9 years ago
I love the engrish tag
9 years ago
I was more disgusted by the camera work than the shit smearing.
9 years ago
Fucking people should be shot.
9 years ago
is this sort of hate mail then ?
9 years ago
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