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Nena cover in german

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by Asparfum

submitted June 13th 2009

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not muchoworthyMako
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this guy knows how to get down
9 years ago
Mustaches and Nena, if there weren't women in this it'd be a wet dream for you huh?
9 years ago
Sounds like Rammstein.
9 years ago
not really, sounds more like knorkator to me
9 years ago
you know this song was originally sung in german, eh? so you could have stopped at "cover" :) just trying to be helpful :)
9 years ago
i covered this cover that 7 seconds covered but in english
9 years ago
9 years ago
Reduntantly Redundant is where it's at!
9 years ago
for the uninitiated:

9 years ago
seriously? that piece of craptacularness? it's not even a video, just a fucking picture with shit music

i'm sure you meant to post this one instead:
9 years ago

This version was even crappier

9 years ago
Best cover.. (although these guys are fags)
9 years ago
sorry deja, this is the one I meant to post:

9 years ago
2:37 definitely NOT lip syncing
9 years ago
yeah she fucked that up...
9 years ago
lol she fucked up in the beginning, too!
9 years ago
if that dude was actually singing that, he makes me glad to be overweight and unemployed, song is the shit, even when i cant understand them.
9 years ago
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