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its real

im pretty sure ive seen this posted here as a picture, but heres video confirmation that it wasnt just a photoshop.


by anotherday

submitted June 7th 2009

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I thought this was going to be a batman fleshlight or something
9 years ago
that idea could make you rich
9 years ago
try gandolf
9 years ago
I fucking hate this prick.
So much, in fact, I'm not even gonna watch this.

For some reason his videos seems to pop up on my youtube
page & I made the mistake of watching one cos it was
about some toy I had when I was a kid, now I can't get rid of him.
9 years ago
So he likes collecting butt plug water pistols. It's his way of saying he's gay.
9 years ago
at the end he says 5 stars? little blue word down there? little yellow subscription button?

I can't find them anywhere!

I'm confused?!

9 years ago
what a dumb fuck
9 years ago
i mean how else can you make a batman watergun? including batmans figure.

theres nothing you can do about that but create it this way.
9 years ago
There is nothing in the least bit inappropriate about these toys, this is just a very gay guy that likes to think about Batman's cock.
Someone shoot this guy.
9 years ago
Hahaah! The sound effects made this video hilarous!
9 years ago
Donald Duck looked like he was doing his best goatse impression.
9 years ago
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