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Brain Tumor Fish

goooood eatin'


by buster-guts

submitted June 6th 2009

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+1 team pus
8 years ago
Welcome to mcdonalds, may I take your order?
Yeah, I'll take a fillet o fish, make that two and a large coke.
I hope someone wonders about what were putting into the water that could case a fish to get like that.
8 years ago
Fuck I hate jerks who think that by holding the video camera sideways that they get the same effect as they would a stills camera.

Stupid ass holes.
8 years ago
Hyuk hyuk hyuk This must've been the highlight of the week for these cretins.
8 years ago
Wow. I guess fish IS brain food.
8 years ago
don't let it go to head
8 years ago
what a terrible job
8 years ago
oh yeah,what do you do?
8 years ago
recover password
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