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Busted Arm

Yeah, don't bother fixing it or anything, just play with it a bit and peel any loose chunks off with your bare hands..


by buster-guts

submitted June 6th 2009

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The guy is like playing with his meat flaps of an arm, what a terrible doctor!
9 years ago
can we see your tits please?
9 years ago
9 years ago
Big pile of fake, no sign means gtfo.
9 years ago
weird to see a whore in this days
9 years ago
yeah that guys going to lose that arm.
9 years ago
I dunno he looks like a fighter
9 years ago
Not a lover.
9 years ago
AGAIN, FUCK OFF WITH YOUR SIDEWAYS CAMERAS! Jeezuz it's not like video cameras were just invented... damnit I hate idiots soo much.
9 years ago
fuck no doubt..probably some dipshit woman
9 years ago
buster guts you liar..that hindu's hands had gloves on them
9 years ago
ha, fuckin foreigners...everyone who complains aboout the US health system should watch this. YOu may have to wait for a whole, but at least some asshole isnt ripping your already-fucked-up arm to shreds
9 years ago
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