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eat your veggies


Eww, celery is gross.


by jsloan10

submitted June 3rd 2009

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eat your veggies
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Excuse me one second... *BLEEEEEEH* Now what was I saying?
9 years ago
Nothing anyone wanted to read...
9 years ago
Ya gotta learn to chew your food.
9 years ago
This is how Jack Lalanne takes his vegetables when his juicer isn't working.
9 years ago
If I have to google it it's not funny.
9 years ago
Hey, that's not fair. Jack Lelanne is a tough old bastard.
9 years ago
This is what happens when you shove soil and seed up your cooch...
9 years ago
Wrong hole.
9 years ago
I thought it was the ass at first, then wondered if I could barely see an asshole, now I'm truly confused... good night...
9 years ago
no wonder whys shes fat, she should be eating them through her other hole
9 years ago
I've heard celery makes your cum taste better... I wonder about your shit...
9 years ago
Needs some 1000 island dressing .
9 years ago
Hey, who made the Ants on a Log?
9 years ago
If it was coming out of my fiance, or one of the chicks on the right (on the ad), I'd be happy to heat it, but not only is that chick fat, her ass looks nasty as fuck.
8 years ago
Something something natures toothbrush
Beats the shit out of eating it I suppose
4 years ago
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