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Mr Methane - Best audition ever

If only he won


by Theck4

submitted June 3rd 2009

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how did he not make it through...that takes alot of talent
9 years ago
I used to hear this guy on Howard Stern back in the day. You've gotta hear him do "flight of the bumblebee," if you think this was good.
9 years ago
"Smoke on the water" was always my favourite.
9 years ago
the fartist was great too
9 years ago
I feel sorry for the next contestant that has to sing into that mic.
9 years ago
That was what I was thinking. You stole my though...uh...thought criminal.
9 years ago
He should have just lit them on fire and made smoke rings.
9 years ago
Would have been better if he shit his pants.
9 years ago
Epic performance! We need an encore.
9 years ago
He stills puts the microphone next to his face.
9 years ago
I think the queen would have enjoyed that,being that she is a flatulant bitch.
9 years ago
It's pronounced "meth-hane" you fucking ignorant fags.

Goddamn that's as annoying as "Alumiiiiinium:
9 years ago
No, it isn't. Our language, our prerogative.
Oh, and you highlighted the wrong 'i' in Aluminium.
Some people...
9 years ago
Muchosucko lifetime member
9 years ago
i has laff
6 years ago
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