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You're gonna be whipped hard


Because you deserve it


by kildawabits

submitted June 1st 2009

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I need that piece of furniture.
8 years ago
I need two girls like that.
8 years ago
i enjoyed this.
8 years ago
Wtf the Tube5000 bullshit ??
8 years ago
Plugs went away, now we got tube5000. Yak and Deja gotta make money someway other than selling bum's organs .
8 years ago
i'd buy a homeless guys organ right now
8 years ago
obviously yak is sick of adblock so being an evil prick who deep down hates us..he's clearly made some sort of other shady internet deal
8 years ago
when yak gets to hell, satan will be all .."is that.........an octopus??.."
8 years ago
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