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Spiderman 4

This time the villain will be the Vulture.



submitted May 31st 2009

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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Looked like he was trying to squeeze out a fart @ 1:04.
9 years ago
haha fuck that faggot. get a job.
9 years ago
They need to redo Spiderman 3 and make Venom like he's supposed to be. If you're a spidey fan... you know there's NO FUCKING WAY that sandman should be cooler than Venom... such a crime...
9 years ago
not only that venom has to produce carnage before its over
9 years ago
doubt that's going to fucking happen.
9 years ago
How much meat is on a pigeon? Any dieseases you cant cook out? Easy meat.
9 years ago
The pigeons you see on the street really shouldn't be eaten...they spread histoplasmosis and psittacosis. You might be thinking of what chefs call "squab" and those are different species.
9 years ago
No..... I was thinking of eating those pigeons.... lol. So even if I burnt them crisp, they are still a no no?
9 years ago
what a bitch
9 years ago
what a legend more like
9 years ago
well i don't get it
9 years ago
the bitch C-blocked his lazy no job ass from begging.
9 years ago
8 years ago
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