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It's Nanerpuss!

Drugs are optional,but recommended.


by Virginslayer

submitted May 24th 2009

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What just happened?
9 years ago
i'm not sure
and i dont wanna know either
9 years ago
wasn't it obvious? what with the nanerpuss and canibal spongebob
9 years ago
and somewhere in there you eated my cookie
9 years ago
Virginslayer needs to be banned for a year for submitting this.
9 years ago
Hell no, this is somewhere between complete psychosis and genius.
9 years ago
psynius? i think they make medication for that
9 years ago
Take some decongestant, antibiotics and some pain killers.
9 years ago
and anti-psychotics...
9 years ago
The future of children's TV programming. And I'll be right there, glued to this insanity.
9 years ago
I like how videos try to recreate the experience of drugs, but all they do is just imitate other videos that have tried to do the same thing, which makes it boring and stupid.
9 years ago
this is pretty bad..you didn't even watch this one first did you yak?
9 years ago
9 years ago
Figured I would finally contribute. Not that it was worth anything.
9 years ago
i forgot all about this one
3 years ago
* possum drinks lots and tries again *
3 years ago
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