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Wtf is she using?!


Nevermind the fake "cum"


by -Morph-

submitted May 24th 2009

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I think that's Chloe using a squash? It's definitely a gourd of some sort.
9 years ago
yeah, definitely sounds like that chloe girl from the double fisting video.
9 years ago
According to a friend of mine (who actually sent me a text informing me of the video and the name a of the vegetable), that's called an "opo" and is a type of squash.

She will be made fun of for watching the clip.
9 years ago
fuckin mexicans
9 years ago
Um, no. You're an idiot.
9 years ago
i see her all the time in those fake ass cinemax late night movies
9 years ago
hybrid zukene corn
9 years ago
she sounds butch
9 years ago
Farmers daughter who's a little hungry for some chorizo...and settles with the zucchini...
9 years ago
i got a box of chorizo in the last woot off.
9 years ago
A cumquat?
9 years ago
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