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Guy with Vibrators


yeah you heard right


by -Morph-

submitted May 24th 2009

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yea the doctor can give him a useable cunt, but he still looks like a dirty spick
9 years ago
just a ripped chick with a huge clit
9 years ago
This made me hard. Is that bad?

But I like this one better:
9 years ago
thats one ugly looking dude
9 years ago
I find it easier to believe in intelligent design when you see these abominations of nature cause its fun to think that god was REALLY hung over the day this thing was conceived and instead of putting any effort into it he just grabbed some parts out of the spare parts bin, threw them together, said fuck it and went back to bed
9 years ago
Birth of the duck-billed platypus.
9 years ago
dwhill05 you must be intelligent design becouse your an abominations of nature hahahaha lol
8 years ago
ummm... what?
8 years ago
Jeez....2 "Clenis" vids on the same day...ug!
9 years ago
home video of you morph? its cool if it is, no need to be embarrassed...
9 years ago
yeah it must be me.

youre soo clever!
9 years ago
i know. thats what my teachers always told me!
9 years ago
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