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Penis Museum



by Magawd

submitted May 18th 2009

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They've got a full-size replica of mine.....in an old airplane hangar in back.
9 years ago
Cat's have dreams too.
9 years ago
it's in a matchbox at the far end
9 years ago
Lol...like the last scene of Indiana Jones...
9 years ago
you mean when he has to pick the holy grail? like that?
9 years ago
Fag, nooooooooooooooooo.
9 years ago
you're next holiday is planned
9 years ago
You wanna go fries? I'll buy.
9 years ago
i'm up for that but need to get my passport first
9 years ago
A local entertainer hard pressed for work took a part time job at a funeral home. His first day on the job he helped the mortician prepare the body of Mr. Jones, an upstanding member of the community and an avid church goer. He had died suddenly in his sleep and the family was not yet notified so the mortician told the entertainer to not tell anyone of his passing until the news was released to the media. The entertainer couldn't help but notice the enormous size of Mr. Jones penis, even the mortician said it was the biggest dick he had ever seen. The entertainer convinced the mortician they needed to preserve the huge penis so it was removed and placed in a large jar. That night the entertainer snuck Mr. Jones penis home to show to his wife. He walked in the house, set the jar containing Mr. Jones penis on the table and called for his wife to come and see he had removed from a dead body on his first day of work, exclaiming that she will not believe her eyes. The entertainer's wife walked into the room, saw the penis in the jar and let out a blood curdling scream, saying, "Oh no! Mr. Jones is dead?!"
9 years ago
Funny, but what's the point?
9 years ago
9 years ago
9 years ago
cause I like telling jokes, taco
phelsu, WTF?
thanks for the rim shot pat

I'll be here all week!
9 years ago
the story is fake
9 years ago
you are fake
9 years ago
9 years ago
I think the prick was a little cocky.
9 years ago
The name of this video reminds me of the 'Penis Mightier' every time I see it
9 years ago
How about the song "Detachable Penis"
9 years ago
still no possum dick
4 years ago
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