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teen seduced by older couple


best way to get money for college


by jerkaholik

submitted May 18th 2009

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Best way to spend your money, that's for fuckin sure
9 years ago
okay... a hot, young, 'innocent' girl is naked, horny, and making out with your 'wife' on your couch and you keep poking your wife instead of knocking the old bitch out of the way and jumping the fresh meat right off the bat?
9 years ago
His wife was better looking.
9 years ago
I disagree, but they are both smoking.
but its the concept of your wife (that you fuck all the time) versus some young, barely fucked girl. I mean, come on, that should be an easy one
9 years ago
its a group effort to start with. So why does it mater if he fucks the new one first? Just watching my girlfriend make out with another chick is hott enough just to watch. I'm never worried because I know I'll get mine. =D
9 years ago
I'm sure he knows the same. He gets to enjoy it all and gets want he wants before its all over with.
9 years ago
agree with dw: the young one is both much hotter and fresher. HIT IT
8 years ago
Seduced my ass, she wanted it. All dirty little college sluts do.
9 years ago
That's why they're dirty college sluts.
9 years ago
It always reminds me how much of a loser I am when porn gets posted on here and I have already seen it. fuck.
9 years ago
I like your name.
9 years ago
9 years ago
Dude, you hit my fucking shoe! That was classic!!!!
9 years ago
9 years ago
Anyway I'm selling
some magazines-any
female takers?
9 years ago
that stupid bitch ruined the shit out of this.
9 years ago
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