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Incest repelant

big seller in the south


by Heybooger

submitted May 15th 2009

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Incest repelant
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That chick that was locked up in the basement for 26 years shoulda used this
9 years ago
I know some people who's kids could have used that, in fact I had to write a little letter to set some shit straight.
The X's are there for obvious reasons

Social Services Child protection office
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX- 1-877-xxx-xxxx
#XXX, XXXX - XXXnd st

Suspected emotional/sexual abuse of children
XXXXX XXXXXX- Shows behavioral traits of a sociopath -Glibness and Superficial Charm, Manipulative and Conning, Grandiose Sense of Self, Pathological Lying, Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt, Shallow Emotions
XXXXXX XXXXXX- Self confessed FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) History of harassment against others (public record).
Secodary caregiver-
XXXX XXXXXX- Grandfather of children

-Mother proudly informs others that XXXXXX was a product of rape and allows the child full knowledge of this.(observed)
-Child displays odd behavior when playing with peers making reference to pornographic acts, (observed)
-Plays "doctor" with other boys, shows and allows touching of genitals.(reported by several children to parents in the area)
-Becomes aggressive and bully's other children.(observed)
-Uses foul language with other children.(observed)
-Is disobedient and lies to adults often.(observed)
-Oral fixation with thumbsucking.(observed)
-Complaints of stomach aches and sore throat.(observed)
-Extreme attention seeking behaviors.(observed)
-Fear of home.(Observed)

XXX XXXXXX- Youngest daughter
-Child is heavily delayed in speech and social interaction, very withdrawn.(observed)
9 years ago
sounds like a party over there... can i come?
9 years ago
Previous neighbors of mine, the real deal when it comes to sick shit.
They deserve much worse than prison.
9 years ago
gotta love saskatoon
9 years ago
my stepfather is a sociopath. I think he fucks dogs.
9 years ago
set myself up for the "your moms a dog" or "yo daw, i hear you like fucking dogs"

9 years ago
sloan you dog!
9 years ago
Oddly enough, these people told their friends that I beat my children and I should have my kids taken away(I spoil this shit out of my kids, in fact they hit ME for fuck sakes).

For those that remember, this is related to that story I told of the waitress that threatened me the other day.
9 years ago
did you off that bitch yet? she deserves some sick shit.
and the phrase "product of rape" is just too quaint, I can see the kid going around telling EVERYBODY that 'my daddy raped my mommy!'
9 years ago
The "Complaints of stomach aches and sore throat." is just fucking disturbing. WTF is going on here?
9 years ago
ya kirk..wtf is going on here?
9 years ago
jsloan did you actually send a letter like that?
9 years ago
I'm thinking of sending a letter to Irish's parole officer.
9 years ago
Dik, I dunno, but it is fuckin weird whatever it is...
9 years ago
that is weird..start explaining sloan you weirdo
9 years ago
i mean i have like 15 questions..tell me sloan you did not send a letter like that
9 years ago
the cops would be investigating YOU for that shit
9 years ago
"glibness" ..haha wtf indeed
9 years ago
If there is a sure sign of child abuse, it is stomach ache & sore throat.
9 years ago
another sure sign is when kids are disobediant and lie
9 years ago
oh and glibness
9 years ago
sloan if you actually for real sent a letter like that..formatted like that... well you sir are insane
9 years ago
Par of this sounds like hank.
9 years ago
sloan is clearly a trained social worker. Impressive.
9 years ago
This product is definitely not selling in the south...judging by what I witnessed on a daily basis.
9 years ago
perhaps it should read 'insect'
9 years ago
Are you on 'full retard mode' tonight, Ian?
9 years ago
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