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What can I guy do...


to deserve this?


by fookyou7

submitted May 14th 2009

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are you asking so you can do it too?
9 years ago
wow hes really munching on those nuggets...
9 years ago
Where have you gone wrong in life, sir?
9 years ago
I wish i had a dollar for every time I've asked myself that question.
9 years ago
homosexuality is a terrible affliction
9 years ago
9 years ago
8:08 nothing is more unattractive then wearing open-toed shoes that are too small
9 years ago
Rinse it away with a case of beer.
9 years ago
If you're ever in Japan and someone says, "Hey, wanna make a scat film?" punch them in the face and run like hell.
9 years ago
They could have killed that guy with chair and hose set up.
9 years ago
Jesus fucking christ. Is it possible that its fake poop when they do stuff like this? I mean cant you die from eating poop?
9 years ago
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