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Poolside poop


Asian poop photoshoot


by fookyou7

submitted May 9th 2009

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Love the expressions.

8 years ago
Poly ADP Ribose Polymerase.
8 years ago
hahaha the guitar kicking in half way through is strange. so calm, like a shit in the woods.
8 years ago
That was HOT! I just jerked off to this video. BTW, wtf is up with Japan censoring the women's clits???
8 years ago
Im trying to get her to autograph that toilet paper and send it to me.I think $2000 will be the asking price.
8 years ago
Lose WWII, and apparently the shame is so great that the only way you can get off is to submit others to greater shame.
8 years ago
My turds aren't even that big. Jeez. That's a clogger right there.
8 years ago
that is what you call a steaming triple coiler
8 years ago
holy shit you aint lyin'....
8 years ago
Nice tits!
8 years ago
aint nothin like a good shit
8 years ago
Beautyful girl!!!! And nice take a sheet!!! SoooHOT and SEXXXY!!!!
6 years ago
Shut up.
6 years ago
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