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Techno Cat Fight

One of Claude's gang protecting his turf


by kildawabits

submitted May 7th 2009

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The first 30 seconds were completely unnecessary
9 years ago
9 years ago
thanks for the heads up.
9 years ago
That was the point. With techno girls the first 30 minutes are completely unnecessary, you get them when they're too high to know you.
9 years ago
I thought their balls were stuck to the ice.
9 years ago
Fucking stupid...
9 years ago
needs moar strobe lights and glowsticks
9 years ago
indeed, and a smoke machine.
9 years ago
Really could have done without the music.
9 years ago
Then it wouldn't be a techno cat fight.
9 years ago
meow motherfucker
9 years ago
Why is it when animals fight they kick the shit out of each other for a while then stand there staring at each other for 30 seconds before getting back to it. At least keep a fighting stance..
9 years ago
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