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Would you want to do 100 MPH in a coffin on wheels?

But for 50 thousand Pounds, I'd rather have a truck.


by dirtyrottensteve

submitted May 4th 2009

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most impractical piece of shit ever created. if you want a cage, buy a car.
9 years ago
you mean, american car?
9 years ago
yes, small, fast, maneuverable, fuel efficient vehicles that seat 1-2 people are SOOOOO impractical. I mean, who would want something that you could commute to work in the city in, find a place to park without any trouble whatsoever, and only have to refill every couple of weeks. Wheres the practicality in that? I mean, if I wanted practical, I'd get a ford F-350 quad cab extended bed dual tread. I mean, whats NOT practical about a 30 foot long, 10 feet high, 8 feet wide pickup truck?
You fucking retard. Go chemically sterilize yourself. We'll wait.

On a side note...this is one OLD episode of top gear. Jeremy Clarkson looks like he's only 40.

This thing is cool. Its essentially all the convenience of a motorcycle (Speed, maneuverability, efficiency) but borrows from car design to remove the negative aspects of a motorcycle (risk, carrying capacity). Too bad it looks like it was put together in some guy's garage.
9 years ago
/bow, fooliam, GODLY OWNAGE.
9 years ago
It is CRAP ...
It will never be as maneuverable as bike. And never as safe as a car.
Try getting it in a small parking space ...
9 years ago
there's essentially no real reason to get it... especially nowadays with smaller and smaller cars coming to america at better prices... plus, i don't think 99% of bikers would choose this ugly piece of shit over their bikes anyway.
9 years ago
This shit is sick. Seriously sick. If it had more angles on it, it would look better. Like more gundam like if you know what im saying. Maybe put the cock pit farther back. Shit would look amazing.
9 years ago
sharp body lines would ruin the aerodynamics, but i agree. this definitely has potential. reminds me of the bikes from extreme g on the 64.
9 years ago
Outstanding game.
9 years ago
boby would like a cock a bit farther, back in his pit.
9 years ago
lol nice 1
9 years ago
Looks like that was shot in Switzerland.
9 years ago
Yamaha Fs1e ftw
9 years ago
"What if you forget to put the stabilizers down?"

"You won't forget."

Sure you wont.....
9 years ago
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