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Puke In My Mouth

MS anthem.

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by Greven

submitted May 4th 2009

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I first started puking in my mouth in sixth grade.
9 years ago
clearly you missed the point of it...
9 years ago
These are stupid, is this made by the same people.. ._.
9 years ago
Wasn't synched very well
9 years ago
Jizzing in your pants is funnier, I think.
9 years ago
you dying from an embolism would be funniest
9 years ago
these ladies r hot tho! id eat a carrot after she puked it up.
9 years ago
Way to capitalise in the most unoriginal way on someone else's fame, bitches. They've got looks, and that's all.

I may as well do a film clip to this version of my favourite Steps song:

Skin-flute tootin' baby's
Driving me crazy
My longing for a donging
Put it in my date
My Romeo rims me oh
Tongue's in deep - I'm about to blow
Gonna get in line
Make that johnson mine
9 years ago
It's got a great beat and I can dance to it!
9 years ago
I guess being the greatest fake Mc's on earth is harder then it looks.

the fart bubble in the bath was funny though.
9 years ago
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