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More Scientific Heresy

"Cark a turkey"


by dwhill05

submitted May 2nd 2009

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Is there anymore of this program that will explain in greater detail the "heresy" going on here? Interesting insights into the beginnings of life that they're offering.
8 years ago
I failed to see the heresy as well.
8 years ago
If you're Christian and retarded, it's heresy.
8 years ago
If you have no use for none of that book learnin', its heresy.
8 years ago
Dey terk ur durbs!
8 years ago
jules verne was right and nobody believed him, except me.
8 years ago
cark a turkey in one minute, hahahahahha
8 years ago
hmmm...underground sewage containers will evolve into the earth's next primary life forms???...naaaah...cark that shit!
8 years ago
I don't know what the fuck these assfucking homos are talking about, but there are things living in the ocean that can survive very high temperatures and don't need light.
8 years ago
8 years ago
Second wanko's notion! they live on thermal vents, everything from single cell organisms to shell fish tube worms and sum fish!
8 years ago
and sea jews
8 years ago
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