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The New HD Format


Of course, you'll need HDMS cables.


by ClaudeBallz

submitted May 1st 2009

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haha, private teacher, when porn was actually entertaining and not just bland sex
9 years ago
My Gawd! The special effects in this are AMAZING! How the hell did they make it look like that guy was climbing out of the television screen?! That's some serious voodoo shit right there!
9 years ago
Voodoo !!
9 years ago
It's like Videodrome, but not as cool.
9 years ago
well that didn't take long
9 years ago
Claude, are you new to porn or something????
9 years ago
70's porn was shit. 90's and 00's, with few exceptions, is boring and formulaic. I like the old 80s joints.
9 years ago
I watch this on a beta in, like 2nd grade. Did you ever see the one where a guy in a chicken head is fucking a girl, and then an egg falls outs of her vagina after?
9 years ago
I think I would have remembered that, but I would like to see it. Think of the title, lol.
9 years ago
Hard To Stop, I beat it to that one a hundred times if anyone can find a clip of it I'd be forever greatful.
9 years ago
High Def. Mucho Sucko perhaps . . .
9 years ago
you beat me to it, fuck
9 years ago
cant wait for the fishing episode
9 years ago
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