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Louis CK: Rape



by hidden2122

submitted May 1st 2009

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i like him. hes both sexy and hilarious.

i would rape him in a time machine.
9 years ago
Getting raped is a confidence booster. Makes you feel pretty.
9 years ago
i would watch morph rape him,jump in the time machine and then watch it again
9 years ago
hitler was abused as a child. maybe even raped. there's a good chance that that was the reason why he was like that. also: stopping him in any way could have as well worsend it. What if Ernst Röhm would have become the Führer instead if Hitler? It would have been better for the homosexuals though.
9 years ago
Thank you Professor blah blah blah.
9 years ago
I just saw this guy live, hilarious! He brought up an interesting point. Ray Charles, as far anyone else, is tied for the world record of least amount of Jews killed EVER at 0!
9 years ago
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