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i would bite 'em


by jerkaholik

submitted April 29th 2009

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I think the top set looks best, but I am betting the bottom set tastes better.
9 years ago
i want to see a chick with the bottom pair.
9 years ago
ill take number 1
9 years ago
the wonders of technology
9 years ago
ermm confectionery ?...
9 years ago
since most massed produced products are first graphically rendered in a computer then that data fed into a CNC machine that cuts the molds that are then attached to robots that work tirelessly to pump out identical copies of the same thing day and night I think everything is mostly technology now
but props to the little hispanic or asian lady that squirts the icing lace as they come off the production lines, nothing like that human touch
9 years ago
i like dark chocolate ha
9 years ago
9 years ago
I'll take two please.
9 years ago
LOL nothing masse product about that ....
It's a shop in Bruges. He has a few molds indeed, but it is possible to have it made of your personal rack. My wife is from bruges, but he hasn't got enough chocolat to make one of her set.
9 years ago
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