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Booty Shake

A bunch of camwhores


by kushking2012

submitted April 28th 2009

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girl at 12:45... now that is what i call a booty. White girls with a booty = all the ass with none of the attitude.
8 years ago
hahaha cellulite is hot now?
8 years ago
she is pretty lumpy
8 years ago
White girls don't have attitude? What are you a virgin?
8 years ago
#2 hehehe
8 years ago
I didnt get past girl #1 which was the weakest perfomance ive ever seen sober.
8 years ago
yep the worst was the first one
8 years ago
the chick at 9:30.... ummm, nah.
8 years ago
they have fatty asses with cottage cheese looking skin wtf nobody can find a good ass on here
8 years ago
fat ass btches or no ass bitches why cant any one find a good ass
8 years ago
the music on the first one was enjoyable but the ass shaking gets old after a few minutes, some eventual progression towards nakedness would help
8 years ago
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