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Brutal ass play


She's a real champ


by jsloan10

submitted April 28th 2009

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Smell the fist!
8 years ago
Reminds me of Voltaire.
8 years ago
Loving husband!
8 years ago
Videos like this just gotta make you wonder. Ex-girlfriend, neighbors, etc?
8 years ago
wow 8 minutes of anal fisting...

yet i never once was bored.
8 years ago
Yeah, farts always entertain.
8 years ago
was she farting or moaning?
8 years ago
8 years ago
i wonder if lemmingwinks found his way in there
8 years ago
So, where does a guy find a nice girl like this?
8 years ago
Always a good watch...it's been on here a couple times before, though.
8 years ago
was he beating off WHILE his hand AND his dick were in her ass?
8 years ago
That certainly puts my pen name
to shame. Jeez. To expand a woman's shithole with one's hand, a bottle,
a hand (or anything bigger than a penis) certainly defeats the purpose
of sodomizing a woman.
8 years ago
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