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Curling Iron Fapping


Oh great.. Replaced by a curling iron. Sorry the audio sucks.


by Mako

submitted April 27th 2009

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Oh how I wish that was turned on.
8 years ago
It would fit this site better if it was, that's for sure.
8 years ago
If I was on set I would have plugged the thing in.
8 years ago
I would've hooked it up directly to the overhead power lines.
8 years ago
it must've been turned on because it was wet
8 years ago
8 years ago
yay for burnt pussy??
8 years ago
I like my pussy medium rare: golden on the outside but still pink in the middle
8 years ago
haha i imagine sauteed pussy now
8 years ago
Does she have it on?
8 years ago
Yeah, because she is screaming like a fucking psychopath because her snatch is on fire. Dumb ass.
8 years ago
At first I thought it said "Iron Curtain Fapping", I was a little disappointed with the lack of soviet era masturbation.
8 years ago
she had a pretty nice little pussy.

i approve
8 years ago
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